What We Value

Core Values

Upward - Following Jesus

No matter where you are spiritually our hope is to help you grow one step closer to Christ.
Pursing a personal relationship with Jesus is the true essence of our faith and essential in life transformation. Throughout our daily pursuit, we experience Him through our celebration, laughter, worship, joy and pain. Because God is so massive, He is beyond our comprehension and we must embrace the mystery of who God is in our own lives.

Inward - Finding Community

To be known, to love and be loved; To be a missional community, not just a small group. You can even have community in larger groups. Humans by nature are social creatures. God not only designed us to live in a deep relationship with Him, but also with others. The journey in life is hard and the maturation of the journeyman is nearly impossible without fellow travelers around him or her. Life is a team effort. Who’s on your team?

Outward - Finding Your Mission

To passionately and holistically use your time, treasure and talents to transform lives.
What gives you purpose in life? We believe that everybody should have a purpose and a cause that is bigger than themselves. Without this key component, life becomes all about the individual, and that gets old fast. To have a missional purpose is to live for something greater.

10 Words

  • Family
  • Community
  • Next Generation
  • Serving
  • Leadership
  • Global
  • Compassion
  • Environment
  • Creativity
  • Passion

Let the one who serves serve in the strength which God supplies that in everything God may get the glory through Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 4:11